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Collaborators Handbook: Guidelines and Code of Conduct for Hrrkoin’s Official Content

  • We encourage our community members to help promote Hrrkoin by sharing our published blogs, videos, and other content on their social media accounts.
  • Please be aware of potential scams. Hrrkoin will never reach out to you through DMs on any other platform. Also, never share your private keys or seed phrases with anyone.
  • Let’s work together to embody Hrrkoin’s core principles of transparency, inclusivity, and empowerment.
  • When submitting content, please ensure that it is original or reproduced with permission from the necessary individuals/entities. Proper credit should be given to the original author, and they should be made aware that their content may be republished with edits on Hrrkoin’s website or official channels.
  • We encourage Collaborators and community members to freely discuss and promote Hrrkoin without requiring permission. However, we ask that you avoid any practices that may be harmful to the network, such as shilling.
  • To create effective content, we recommend that the community review all official Hrrkoin content, including blogs, YouTube videos, and other resources.
  • We do not tolerate any form of abuse, harassment, discrimination, or hate speech within our community.
  • To submit drafted blogs for review, please post them in the #content channel on our Discord server, where anyone can suggest edits.
  • While the Hrrkoin maintainer team may take some time to review your content, we strive to publish it as soon as possible with minimal edits or rejections. We encourage you to keep creating content, as it is essential for our project’s organic growth.
  • Any images or videos used in your content must be licensed for use, owned by the Collaborators, or used with permission from the owner.
  • Ideally, blog posts should be between 750-1560 words.
  • Please draft and submit your content using Google documents.
  • All submitted content will be reviewed by the Hrrkoin maintainer team and may be edited for publication on Hrrkoin’s website and official social media platforms.
  • Hrrkoin is a global project, so we ask that all community members be mindful and respectful of others.
  • Collaborators are encouraged to continue researching Hrrkoin, blockchain, and other Web 3.0 technologies to improve the quality of their content. We aim to feature as many Collaborators from our community as possible with minimal rejections.
  • The content produced by community members and collaborators, whether featured or not, does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the Hrrkoin Foundation.
  • Check drive section for task to perform