Profit Sharing

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We don't just say the community is the owner - we actually committed to share the profits

At JobDex, we believe that our community is more than just users – they are also our partners and owners. That’s why we’re introducing a profit sharing model that empowers our community to share in the profits generated by JobDex premium subscription¬†

Under our profit sharing model, a portion of the profits generated from premium subscription services within job portals will be shared with our community members. The profit sharing program is based on a smart contract pool of profit sharing, where profits will be deposited into a wallet and distributed amongst our community members.

We believe that our profit sharing model creates a powerful incentive for our community to actively participate in the JobDex ecosystem. As owners of the platform, our community members have a vested interest in its success and will be motivated to contribute their ideas, expertise, and time to help grow the platform and increase its profitability.

By sharing our profits with our community members with smart contracts we’re also promoting transparency, fairness, and collaboration in the JobDex ecosystem. Our revenue sharing model is designed to foster a sense of ownership and partnership between JobDex and its community, ensuring that everyone benefits from the success of the platform.

Join us today and become a part of the JobDex ecosystem, where you can earn ongoing rewards as a business owner and help shape the future of the Human Resource