Brazil’s Blockchain Digital Identity: A Revolutionary Approach to Interdepartmental Cooperation and Crime Prevention!

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Brazil’s Position on Cryptocurrencies: Exceeding the Stock Market?

Brazil has a favorable attitude toward cryptocurrencies, with more people trading Bitcoin than stock market assets. More than 214 million Brazilians will soon have digital IDs backed by blockchain technology, according to recent government pronouncements.

November 6 is the National Blockchain ID Rollout date.
States like Paraná, Goiás, and Rio de Janeiro are expected to take the lead in issuing these blockchain-based IDs. A private blockchain created by Serpro, the Brazilian National Data Processing Service, powers the technology. Additionally, by November 6, a regulation dated September 25 requires the use of blockchain technology for ID distribution across the country. According to Alexandre Amorim, President of Serpro: “Blockchain is the best technology for Brazil’s digital identity because of its decentralization and immutability!”

#Hrrkoin #FutureReadyIndia #Web3Revolution #JobRevolution #announcement #news
#Hrrkoin #FutureReadyIndia #Web3Revolution #JobRevolution #announcement #news

b-Cadastros: Strengthening Security of National ID
Blockchain is essential to preventing fraud and protecting personal information, giving Brazilians a safe online experience. The Federal Revenue Service (RFB) of Brazil and Serpro have partnered to create the b-Cadastros blockchain platform, which enhances the security and dependability of national IDs. State, local, and public administration organizations can utilize the data-sharing platform provided by this common federal registration project.

The government’s vision is to combat organized crime and strengthen interdepartmental collaboration.
Over the years, Brazil has worked to unify the procedures for distributing identity cards among its almost thirty states. By reducing administrative procedures, the recently implemented technology promises increased data interchange efficiency across federal tax and government departments. The introduction of the digital ID will provide serious obstacles for organized crime.

The Vision of the Central Bank: Using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) with Openness
Task forces were formed by Brazil’s Central Bank in August 2020 to investigate the integration of DLT into the country’s current financial transaction system. They completed the regulations for their digital currency, Drex, by February 2023, with the goal of wrapping up trial programs by the end of 2024. According to earlier reports, the Central Bank wants to make it easier for firms to access funds by implementing tokenized Drex systems.

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