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Are you looking for a way to earn cryptocurrencies, but don’t want to buy them?

Now is your chance, Hrrkoin is giving you an opportunity to earn Hrrkoin tokens by becoming a contributor and performing simple contributor tasks and offers a user-friendly & accessible way to accumulate tokens.

You can choose your task according to your expertise, every task is allotted a certain amount of tokens which will be added to your wallet after successful submission.

This exciting opportunity not only allows you to earn crypto but also offers you to be a part of the future work transformation. So, why not give it a try and earn as you learn?

What is Hrrkoin?

Hrrkoin is an AI-based token that has the power to transform the current HR ecosystem and create a fair and transparent future of work for employers and employees from its blockchain algorithms and AI solutions.

Hrrkoin is also working on an AI interviewer human bot which is going to revolutionize the whole hiring industry. The AI interviewer human bot will be capable of doing candidate screening, selection, interacting with the candidates, and analyzing their responses to give them real-time feedback!

Who is Hrrkoin’s contributor?

Hrrkoin is a decentralized community-driven project, standing on two unbreakable pillars: contributors & collaborators. Here at Hrrkoin, the community is CEO.

Let’s understand with these simple equations:

Hrrkoin = Contributor + Collaborator

Simple as that!

A contributor is someone who engages in various community activities to support the growth of Hrrkoin. As a contributor, you’ll have the opportunity to be involved in tasks such as writing, designing, developing, participating in discussions, managing activities, conducting research, and much more.

Your involvement and assistance will play a vital role in the advancement of Hrrkoin. We welcome you to join us in this collaborative journey!

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#Hrrkoin #HRindustry #fintech #JobMining #crypto #blockchain #AI

How to become a contributor?

Hrrkoin is an open source community project building an ecosystem and multiple protocols to transform Human Resource.

So anyone can become a contributor without seeking permission from anyone.

You can start contributing in any way.

Simple way: Just join Hrrkoin Telegram community

And write in the group that you want to be a contributor.

You can simply contribute by completing tasks. There are two types of tasks for contributor, you can choose any type as per your skills and expertise:

  1. Community Tasks
  2. Technical Tasks

Community Tasks:

  • Community tasks include engagement and interaction within the community activities like participating in discussions, providing feedback, assisting fellow members, and writing creatives, blogs, and scripts.
  • Producing captivating YouTubevideos and reels.
  • Interacting actively with the community and extending assistance to fellow members.
  • Spreading awareness about Hrrkoin by sharing compelling content and including Hrrkoin’s tag across diverse social media platforms.
  • Sharing Hrrkoin’s official posts on social media platforms through shares and retweets.
  • Participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions and group discussions. Crafting informative blogs that spotlight Hrrkoin’s latest updates, while creating relevant backlinks within your content.

Technical Tasks:

  • Technical tasks are more skill-oriented and related to the technical aspects of the project, such as coding, testing, or implementing specific features.
  • Engaging with our current team of skilled developers for collaboration. Creating innovative decentralized applications (dApps) alongside Hrrkoin’s professionals.
  • Work on blockchain algorithms to drive technological advancements.
  • Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to Hrrkoin’s internal projects and expand your horizons.
#Hrrkoin #HRindustry #fintech #JobMining #crypto #blockchain #AI #earningopportunities #communitybuilding #HRrevolution #innovation #futureofwork #tokenholders #HRtech #jobexchange #digitaltransformation
#Hrrkoin #HRindustry #fintech #JobMining #crypto #blockchain #AI

What contributor gets?

  • Get a unique chance to become a valued member of the Hrrkoin Core Team.
  • You will get a chance to collaborate and work with Hrrkoin collaborators from premium institutes of India like IIT & IIM.
  • You’ll earn crypto tokens for each successfully completed task, adding an extra layer of excitement to your journey with us.
  • Seize the opportunity to lead and guide a team of talented individuals.
  • Also, get an opportunity to host events on hrrkoin’s official channels.
  • Get a chance to enter in a starting phase of our Ai & blockchain based crypto project.
  • Hrrkoin is the first of its kind of profit sharing token.

Once you become a contributor you can show it to the world!

  • Add it to the LinkedIn headline and Work Experience section in your profile.
  • In Twitter profile, you can add “Hrrkoin contributor” in you bio.
  • Or you can show off that you are an Hrrkoin contributor on these platforms Telegram, Discord, Reddit, and more online communities.

How to become a successful contributor?

  • Begin your contributions by completing your daily tasks.
  • It’s important to maintain regularity in the community.
  • Stay engaged within the Hrrkoin’s communities on platforms like Discord, Telegram, and Twitter.
  • Remember, the value of your contributions lies in originality — always make sure your input is unique and not copied from elsewhere.

Important things to keep in mind:

Hrrkoin believes in “TIE ‘’ principles to develop a decentralized ecosystem and this can’t be possible without following “TIE ‘’ our core values.

Very first time published on our twitter handle:

  • Respect other community members.
  • Feel free to express your thoughts openly and honestly and avoid copying others.
  • Your passwords and keys are crucial for your security. Never share them with anyone.

Hrrkoin never asks for your personal keys and passwords.


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